Da Braddahs

Da Braddahs’ comedy has been making local Hawaii people laugh since 1997. James Roche and Tony Silva, who make up this duo of loco locals, met during their high school days (James at Pac Five and HBA, and Tony at Kamehameha) and later partnered up to form Da Braddahs.

Da Braddahs, whose humor pokes fun at native island culture, exploded onto the local comedy scene a decade ago and are still going strong. With a CD and DVDs Volume 1 – 10 available at local bookstores, Da Braddah’s comedy can be enjoyed day or night. In addition, their television show, Da Braddahs and Friends, featured on OC 16 Hawaii, has made them a household name.

James and Tony perform the ultimate sketch comedy, donning an array of wacky disguises, creating loveable and memorable characters including a determined Don Ho, Samoan father and son tree trimmers, Polynesian dancers and insipid cops.

Performing live at about 100 events a year — from special events to charity functions to comedy concerts — Da Braddah’s unique chemistry keeps their comedy fresh.

James has taken on the roll of editing Da Braddah’s OC 16 program, while the duo both produce and direct each episode.

Tony is also involved in local film industry as an actor and as a producer of the new OC 16 program Open House Island Style. In addition, Tony continues to emcee corporate events and is a freelance producer/director of local commercials.

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