Mylinda Tov

Best known as the bearer of briefcase number 19 on NBC’s hit game show “Deal or No Deal,” Mylinda Tov is an accomplished model, actress, spokeswoman and special event host.

Tov resides in Los Angeles and also Honolulu while on hiatus from taping “Deal or No Deal.” Although looking as though she hailed from Hawaii, Tov is actually of pure Chinese decent and was born and raised in Paris, France and Los Angeles and speaks fluent Chinese. Her exceptional talents became apparent when she was still young. At the age of five, she performed in concert with Chantal Goya, a French musician who sings children’s music.

Prior to taking up residence as briefcase number 19 on “Deal or No Deal,” Mylinda showcased prizes as one of “Barker’s Beauties” on famed CBS game show, “The Price is Right.” Tov is an accomplished print and commercial model as well as special event hostess and in 2006, was named onto People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” list.

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